J&J 세계적인 자기는 유리트,벽 장착된 유리 Dry Erase Board47x35 인치,노란색,표면 틀과 마커,자석,표 쟁반,을 위한 지우개,사무실,가정교

J&J 세계적인 자기는 유리트,벽 장착된 유리 Dry Erase Board47x35 인치,노란색,표면 틀과 마커,자석,표 쟁반,을 위한 지우개,사무실,가정교

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【Environmental& Long-Lasting】 The tempered glass whiteboard with strong durable surface resists stain and ghosting.Designed with 4mm thickness, rounded corner and smooth edges, Our glass board are cleaner, safer and longer lasting than traditional white boards. 【Accessories included】 2 dry earse markers, 4 magnets, 1 glass whiteboard eraser, 1 removable aluminium marker tray, 1 template paper for mounting and 1 set of installation hardware.One stop shopping. 【Easy Mounting】 Pass-through mounting makes installation simple.With our wall-mounting kits and assemble instructions, you can hang the glass whiteboard on the wall easily.It can be wall mounted horizontally and vertically.If you want, you could line two or four glass boards up perfectly side by side. 【Magnetic Posting】 Multifunctional magnetic glass dry erase board is great for meetings and presentations.It can easily hang papers and documents instantly with the included 4 high power glass board magnets. 【Customer Support】 To avoid damage in transit, the glass whiteboards are shipped in a reinforced cartons with additional polystyrene (foam) padding & cardboard corner protectors to secure the glass board.Please feel free to contact us If you have any questions with J&J worldwide glass dry erase board.Modern design - The frameless design, neat cutting, and smooth surface give your office or home a modern atmosphere.Long lasting - Designed with 4mm thickness, rounded corner, and smooth edges.Cleaner, and longer-lasting than a traditional whiteboard.Convenient Installation - With the included pass-through mounting hardware.As the screws insert through the front, you can hang the board accurately and evenly.Mount it vertically or horizontally to fit your space.Place the template paper under the glass board , mark 4 board holes onto the template paper.Tape template paper to the wall, then drill holes directly or you can mark the 4 holes on the wall according to the marked position and then drill.Remove template paper, hammer anchors into each hole, screw the screws into anchors through the standoffs, hang the glass board & Tighten the standoffs caps.Peel & stick two marker tray stickers, push tray up into place, complete the installion.